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Neem Crafts emerged from a bold aspiration to fuse modern design with traditional artisanal expertise, crafting exquisite products for the discerning global customer. These traditional skills, honed through generations, are on the brink of extinction as younger artisans abandon rural heritage for urban prospects. By infusing these time-honored crafts with a modern design sensibility, we empower artisans to create works that resonate globally, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance.

The brainchild of Ashwini Reddi, a Philadelphia-based lifestyle entrepreneur with a profound dedication to artisan collaboration, Neem Crafts stands as a testament to sustainable luxury. Though headquartered in Hyderabad, Neem's collaborative spirit stretches across India, weaving together a tapestry of artisans into a collective symphony of creativity and heritage.

Ashwini Reddi

Founder, Creative Head

Ashwini Reddi is a lifestyle entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. An economics and policy graduate from the London School of Economics and Osmania University, she found her true calling in the creative world of design. Her belief is that luxury does not mean high cost but a proper appreciation of design and craftsmanship. Working closely with her team of highly trained and experienced designers, Ashwini infuses a contemporary design aesthetic into India’s well-honed traditional skills. This meshing of these different worlds creates products that discerning people anywhere are proud to own and use.

Ashwini’s vision is to enable thousands of artisans to live with dignity while pursuing their passions and heritage. Besides running Neem, Ashwini is also a founding trustee of SRI Trust, a charitable organization that supports the needs of 1125 school children in 3 government schools in Hyderabad.

Our Studio

Located on scenic Lotus Pond Road in Hyderabad, Neem operates a 12,500 sft studio which is equipped with traditional looms, sewing machines, block printing tables, and tools used by our artisans. This is our design hub from where we coordinate and collaborate with artisanal clusters all over India.